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Otter AI optimizes your meetings by providing real-time transcriptions, detailed summaries, and audio capture.

About Otter AI

Streamline your meetings and optimize productivity with Otter AI. This powerful tool leverages cutting-edge AI to provide real-time transcriptions and insightful summaries of your meetings, making it a go-to solution for professionals, educators, and anyone who values effective communication.

Key Features

  • Real-time Transcription: Get word-for-word transcriptions as conversations unfold, making it easy to capture every detail.
  • Meeting Summaries: Automatically generate concise summaries that highlight key insights from your meetings.
  • Platform Integration: Effortless integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, providing comprehensive meeting capture.
  • Cross-platform Availability: Access Otter AI via its website, mobile app, or browser extension.
  • Advanced Search: Quickly find specific information within transcriptions, thanks to a powerful search engine.

Areas of Use

  • Business Meetings: Enhance meeting efficiency by providing members with a clear and detailed record for review.
  • Educational Settings: Capture lectures and discussions for future reference, benefiting both teachers and students.
  • Legal Proceedings: Obtain accurate transcriptions for interviews and testimonials.
  • Journalism: Record and transcribe interviews for more accurate reporting.
  • Accessibility: Provide real-time text versions of spoken content for the hearing impaired.

What Makes it Special

Otter AI stands out for its unparalleled transcription accuracy and seamless integration with popular meeting platforms. The tool not only transcribes but also summarizes, adding layers of value for professionals seeking to optimize their workflows.


Otter AI is not just a transcription service; it’s a comprehensive solution for capturing, reviewing, and sharing insights from your meetings. With its versatile features and multiple areas of application, it has become an invaluable tool for businesses, educational institutions, and individuals. If efficient meetings and effective communication are what you seek, Otter AI is undoubtedly a tool worth considering.

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