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An AI-powered sales tool that helps professionals build meaningful client relationships through insight capture and advanced personalization.

About Ravyn

Ravyn is an intelligent sales assistant that empowers professionals to better understand and engage their clients. This browser extension uses AI algorithms to transform passive customer notes into actionable insights.

Key Features

  • Automatic Capture of Customer Notes: Ravyn seamlessly records and organizes notes during client interactions, reducing manual effort.
  • Next-Gen Client Profiles: The tool builds dynamic client profiles that give you a 360-degree view of your clients, enabling more targeted communication.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Ravyn intelligently groups clients based on various attributes, making targeted campaigns a breeze.
  • Hyper-Personalized Engagement: Utilize advanced AI algorithms to offer highly personalized client experiences that boast higher conversion rates.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: The browser extension integrates with web-based CRM platforms, making it a perfect fit in any existing workflow.

Areas of Use

  • Sales: Sales teams can use Ravyn to better understand their clients and personalize interactions.
  • Marketing: Marketers can access client insights for more effective and tailored campaigns.
  • Customer Success: Utilize the client profiles to anticipate needs and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Human Resources: HR professionals can understand and cater to employee needs through insights generated by Ravyn.
  • Fundraising: Non-profits can use Ravyn to understand donor preferences and tailor fundraising strategies.

What Makes It Special

Ravyn stands out for its ability to convert passive client data into actionable insights in real-time. Its seamless integration with existing CRM systems provides a unified, more effective approach to client engagement.


Ravyn is an indispensable tool for any professional looking to deepen client relationships and improve sales efficiency. With its unique AI-driven features, Ravyn is not just a sales tool; it’s your next-gen client engagement platform. Invest in Ravyn and take the first step towards converting your business contacts into lifetime clients.

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