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Unleash your data analysis skills through natural language with RTutor's AI-powered code generation and testing.

About RTutor

RTutor is revolutionizing the way developers and data analysts work with R and Python by leveraging OpenAI’s powerful language models. It serves as a bridge between natural language and code, providing an intuitive platform for code generation and testing.

Key Features

  • Natural Language Interface: Speak or type your query in natural language to generate R or Python code instantly.
  • Auto Code Execution: Generated code is executed on the Shiny platform, offering immediate results and actionable insights.
  • Comprehensive Reports: RTutor produces an R Markdown source file and an HTML report to provide a full overview of your code and output.
  • Collaborative GitHub Repository: Utilize the platform’s GitHub repository to collaborate on group projects and improve code quality.
  • Multilingual Support: The tool supports natural language processing in dozens of languages, enhancing its global usability.
  • File Format Compatibility: Upload data in CSV, TSV, and Excel formats without worrying about compatibility issues.

Areas of Use

  • Data Analysis: Perfect for running complex statistical analyses without writing a single line of code.
  • Academic Research: Greatly aids in data-driven research by generating statistical models based on natural language queries.
  • Business Reporting: Compile comprehensive business reports with generated visualizations and summaries.
  • Collaborative Development: Facilitates collaborative coding through its GitHub repository, ideal for group projects.
  • Multi-lingual Data Projects: Analyze data in multiple languages for globally distributed projects.
  • Prototyping: Quickly prototype analytics workflows before investing time in manual coding.

What Makes it Special

RTutor is unique in its ability to convert natural language queries into both R and Python code, making it incredibly versatile. Additionally, its robust reporting features and collaborative capabilities set it apart from similar tools on the market.


RTutor is not just another code generator; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to make data analysis and coding in R and Python as intuitive as possible. With its natural language interface, multilingual support, and collaborative features, it is an ideal choice for both individual and team-oriented projects. RTutor promises to redefine how we think about data analysis and coding, making these tasks more accessible and efficient for everyone.

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