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Streamline your appointments and tasks with Runday's intelligent calendar coordination and booking system.

About Runday

Designed to empower individuals and teams, Runday is an advanced AI tool that specializes in maximizing your time through intelligent calendar coordination and scheduling features.

Key Features

  • Single-Email Meeting Creation: Simplify your meeting scheduling with a single email, eliminating unnecessary communication.
  • Global Group Scheduling: Coordinate with team members across different time zones effortlessly.
  • 24/7 Personal Assistant Support: A dedicated AI assistant available round-the-clock for reminders and other routine tasks.
  • Automated Client Booking: Features like team links, chat support, and automated routing make client booking seamless.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A straightforward, easy-to-navigate design ensures a stress-free user experience.

Areas of Use

  • Professional Meetings: Efficiently set up and coordinate meetings with colleagues, clients, or team members.
  • Global Team Collaboration: Manage the complex scheduling needs of global teams with ease.
  • Personal Scheduling: Optimize your personal time, tasks, and reminders effectively.
  • Client Management: Designed for businesses with needs for streamlined client appointment booking.
  • Healthcare & Recruitment: Suitable for automated scheduling in healthcare appointments and job interviews.

What Makes it Special

Runday stands out for its exceptional 24/7 AI-powered personal assistant support and its ability to efficiently manage both professional and personal schedules. Its focus on simplifying complex tasks with ease sets it apart from competitors.


With Runday, users can say goodbye to the hassle and stress that often accompany scheduling and calendar management. The tool’s focus on simplifying complex scheduling tasks makes it invaluable for both individual users and larger teams. Whether you are looking to optimize your personal life or boost your business’s operational efficiency, Runday is the go-to productivity tool.

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