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Upheal is an AI-powered healthcare assistant designed to streamline the process of mental health therapy by offering automated transcription, analytics, and secure communication.

About Upheal

Upheal Description

Upheal is a cutting-edge AI platform built for mental health professionals seeking to enhance their practice through automated transcription, powerful analytics, and secure communication channels.

Key Features

  • Automated Transcription: Upheal transcribes spoken words into text during therapy sessions, saving valuable time spent on manual note-taking.
  • Advanced Analytics: The tool delivers actionable analytics that identify repeating themes, coping strategies, and diagnosis markers in each session.
  • Secure Video Conferencing: It offers end-to-end encrypted video calls to ensure a private and secure communication channel between professionals and clients.
  • HIPAA-Compliant Data Storage: All client data is stored following the strictest HIPAA and GDPR guidelines, ensuring maximum security.
  • Integration Capabilities: Designed to integrate with other healthcare systems, Upheal offers API support for seamless integration into your existing practice.

Areas of Use

  • Remote Therapy: Upheal is ideal for remote therapy sessions, offering video conferencing and analytics to understand client needs better.
  • In-person Consultations: For traditional in-person therapy, Upheal aids by capturing audio for later transcription and analysis.
  • Team Collaboration: Share therapy notes securely with colleagues for peer reviews and collective decision-making.
  • Research: The analytics can be a valuable tool for academic or clinical research in mental health.
  • Legal Compliance: Upheal simplifies the process of maintaining HIPAA and GDPR compliance through secure and auditable data storage.

What Makes it Special

Upheal distinguishes itself by being more than a transcription service—it’s a comprehensive platform that brings automation, analytics, and security into mental health practice. Its high-level encryption and compliance with legal standards make it a reliable choice for professionals.


Upheal is an indispensable tool for mental health professionals looking to modernize their practice. It simplifies routine tasks like transcription, makes data analysis straightforward, and ensures that all interactions comply with legal standards. With its thoughtful features and robust security measures, Upheal stands as a vital resource in any healthcare professional’s toolkit.

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