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Redefine your meetings with Waitroom's AI-powered, structured micro-meetings.

About Waitroom

Waitroom is a groundbreaking tool that seeks to transform how teams engage in meetings by providing a structured, distraction-free environment.

Key Features

  • Queue and Timer Format: This key feature ensures everyone gets their turn to speak, thus maintaining focus and avoiding distractions.
  • AI-Powered Meeting Assistant: Summa, the AI assistant, helps streamline the meeting by fighting off fatigue and maintaining focus.
  • Transcripts and AI Summaries: Receive a neat summary post-meeting to recall the discussion’s essential points.
  • Slack and Google Calendar Integration: Seamlessly sync your Waitroom meetings with your existing workflow.
  • Mobile Apps: Available for both iOS and Android to ensure productivity on the go.

Areas of Use

  • Daily Stand-Ups: Keep everyone informed quickly with a focus on what’s important.
  • Panel Interviews: A structured, time-sensitive format for getting diverse perspectives.
  • Culture Building: Use the tool to create a culture of structured, efficient communication within your team.
  • Remote Teams: Ideal for teams separated geographically but needing to maintain close communication.
  • Large Organizations: Waitroom can scale up to meet the needs of large organizations, supporting up to 2,000 participants.

What Makes it Special

Waitroom stands apart in its focus on creating a disciplined yet flexible meeting environment. The platform’s AI capabilities, notably the AI assistant Summa, set it ahead of competitors by actively fighting meeting fatigue.


Waitroom is not just another meeting tool; it is a productivity powerhouse aimed at making every second of your meetings count. With its unique set of features, areas of use, and the backing of artificial intelligence, it aims to revolutionize how businesses conduct meetings. If you’re looking to improve your team’s productivity and meeting culture, Waitroom should be your go-to platform.

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