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Wonder Studio automates the animation, lighting, and composition of 3D characters into live-action scenes, revolutionizing the VFX workflow.

About Wonder Studio

Wonder Studio brings a paradigm shift in the world of animation and video editing. Leveraging the power of AI, this tool minimizes manual input and maximizes creative output, seamlessly animating, lighting, and integrating 3D characters into live-action scenes.

Key Features

  • Automated Animation: The AI automatically animates characters, making their movements look natural and fluid.
  • Dynamic Lighting: With AI-driven lighting features, the tool automatically illuminates your scene, making it look realistic.
  • Single-camera Footage Compatibility: The system works perfectly with single-camera footage, detecting actors and tracking their movements throughout the scene.
  • Advanced Retargeting: You can easily transfer performances between different 3D characters, offering you tremendous flexibility.
  • Body MoCap: Wonder Studio incorporates advanced body motion capture technology for more accurate animation.

Areas of Use

  • Film Production: Quickly integrate VFX into live-action movies without the need for elaborate setups.
  • Game Development: Enhance the realism of your gaming environment by using AI-driven animated characters.
  • Advertising: Produce eye-catching, realistic 3D characters for your advertisement campaigns.
  • Education: Create realistic simulations or educational content featuring AI-driven 3D characters.
  • Virtual Events: Use automated 3D characters to add a layer of engagement to your virtual events or presentations.

What Makes It Special

What sets Wonder Studio apart is its AI-driven automation, which takes over 80%-90% of the objective VFX work, allowing artists to focus on the more creative aspects. With investors like Samsung NEXT and Epic Games, it stands as a reputable and advanced tool in the industry.


Wonder Studio is a game-changer in the realm of animation and video editing. With its AI-driven features, it’s not just a tool but an entire team working for you. Revolutionize your workflow, minimize your costs, and expand your creative horizons with Wonder Studio.

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