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Akool is an AI-powered content platform designed for e-commerce sellers to create personalized, professional-quality product content.

About Akool

An all-in-one solution for e-commerce sellers, Akool AGI Content Platform leverages AI technology to enable the creation of engaging product descriptions, images, and videos that stand out in today’s competitive market.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Utilizes AI algorithms to swiftly generate and edit product descriptions, titles, and images.
  • Text-to-Video Animation: Facilitates the creation of dynamic product videos with automated text-to-video animation.
  • Customizable Visuals: Offers diverse customization options for product visuals, including effects, filters, and LUTs.
  • Professional Voiceovers: Provides voiceover capabilities with professional-quality narration to enhance marketing materials.
  • Personalization and Recommendations: Saves past user records and offers personalized recommendations for a tailored experience.

Areas of Use:

  • E-commerce Content Creation: Streamlines the creation of product descriptions, titles, and images for online sellers.
  • Marketing Asset Generation: Facilitates the production of marketing assets, including blogs, based on keywords.
  • Engaging Product Videos: Enables users to craft visually appealing and informative product videos.
  • Visual Customization: Provides diverse options for image editing to match branding and aesthetics.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Delivers personalized recommendations and saved records for a user-specific experience.

What makes it special:

Akool AGI Content Platform stands out for its comprehensive approach to e-commerce content creation, providing sellers with a multitude of tools to efficiently generate content that resonates with their audience. Its AI-driven capabilities set it apart from competitors by automating time-consuming processes.


Akool AGI Content Platform is an invaluable asset for e-commerce sellers seeking to elevate their online presence and sales. By offering a wide array of customizable features and AI-driven automation, it empowers users to create engaging, professional-quality content with ease. Whether you’re an established seller or just starting, Akool AGI Content Platform provides the tools and support necessary to succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

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