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CheckForAI is an AI tool that detects AI-generated text to ensure authenticity and originality in written content.

About CheckForAI

CheckForAI combines OpenAI’s Roberta-base model with proprietary models to create a robust detection system for AI-generated text. Ensuring the authenticity of written work, it has become an essential tool for educational institutions, businesses, and content creators.

Key Features:

  • AI Text Detection: Quickly identifies AI-generated text in essays and emails, enabling confidence in originality.
  • Easy-to-use Dashboard: Allows monitoring and analysis through a simple interface, helping users to track and manage detection tasks.
  • Customizable Filters: A wide range of filters to tailor results, giving control over the specificity and sensitivity of the analysis.
  • Real-time Alerts: Provides instant notifications for new potential AI-written text, ensuring timely action.
  • 95% Accuracy Rate: By integrating proprietary models with OpenAI’s Roberta-base, it limits false readings and ensures high accuracy in detection.

Areas of Use:

  • Educational Institutions: For detecting AI-generated essays or assignments and maintaining academic integrity.
  • Content Creators: To avoid penalties from search engines by identifying risky content.
  • Business Communications: Verifying the authenticity of reports and emails, ensuring credibility.
  • Individual Authors: For independent writers looking to ensure the originality of their work.
  • Legal and Compliance Teams: Assisting in maintaining compliance with copyright laws and regulations.

What makes it special:

CheckForAI stands out with its hybrid model that combines cutting-edge AI technology with a 95% accuracy rate. It caters to various sectors, making it a versatile and reliable tool for anyone dealing with written content.


CheckForAI is an indispensable asset for maintaining trust and authenticity in written content. Its comprehensive features and adaptability make it suitable for diverse applications, from education to business. Offering a free platform with a seamless user experience, CheckForAI is the go-to solution for detecting AI-generated text and ensuring the integrity and originality of any written work.

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