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An AI-driven platform to efficiently capture, organize, and recall your online discoveries.

About Heyday

Heyday serves as your intelligent online memory vault, employing artificial intelligence to help you capture, organize, and easily access vital information from the web.

Key Features

  • Auto-Capture and Storage: Automatically archives web content, eliminating the hassle of manual storage and making referencing effortless.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Find what you’re looking for in an instant with features that allow you to search by topic, source, or relevance.
  • Memory Assistant: Utilizes AI to periodically resurface potentially forgotten content, reinforcing your memory and aiding recall.
  • Organized Content Review: Revisiting stored information is simplified through a well-designed UI that streamlines your review process.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design ensures even those less tech-savvy can navigate and benefit from all Heyday has to offer.

Areas of Use

  • Education: Helps students and academics collect and revisit valuable online resources, aiding in research and continuous learning.
  • Content Creation: Provides content creators with a centralized database for sources and inspiration, facilitating streamlined workflows.
  • Professional Development: A perfect tool for professionals to curate and revisit online materials that can contribute to their skills and knowledge.
  • Research: Assists researchers in compiling and revisiting various online data and articles, making data collation less cumbersome.
  • Personal Use: Useful for anyone wanting to retain and easily access information ranging from cooking recipes to DIY instructions.

What Makes it Special

Heyday stands out for its effortless auto-capture feature and its AI-driven Memory Assistant. These features offer a level of personalization and efficiency that puts it a cut above traditional bookmarking tools.


Heyday is not just another online storage platform; it’s your own personalized memory assistant. It is designed to improve productivity, reinforce learning, and facilitate content creation across a multitude of disciplines. With Heyday, you’re not just storing information—you’re future-proofing your memory.

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