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Rewind AI is your ultimate memory-enhancing tool that makes data on your macOS easily searchable, securely stored, and intuitively organized.

About Rewind AI

Rewind AI revolutionizes how you find and organize digital data on your macOS. By harnessing the power of AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), this tool brings a new level of efficiency to personal and professional data management.

Key Features

  • Local Data Storage: Your data is securely stored locally on your macOS device, ensuring optimal privacy.
  • Intelligent Search: Use custom keywords and advanced search options to effortlessly locate your data.
  • Optical Character Recognition: OCR capabilities provide a meticulous scan of every item on your screen for easy retrieval.
  • Automatic Meeting Recording: Record your meetings without any CPU lag for future referencing.
  • Apple Silicon Compatibility: Designed for high performance on both M1 & M2 Apple Silicon SOCs.
  • Exclusion Options: Flexibility to exclude specific apps or go on a private browsing mode without recording.

Areas of Use

  • Remote Work: Enables remote workers to quickly reference past meetings and communications.
  • Academic Research: Helps students and researchers find previously-viewed resources with ease.
  • Personal Organization: Keeps your personal notes, emails, and images easily searchable.
  • Data Management: Ideal for professionals who manage vast amounts of data and need quick retrieval.
  • Content Creation: Simplifies the workflow for content creators by storing and organizing all relevant data.

What Makes it Special

Rewind AI stands out for its meticulous attention to privacy with local data storage, and its versatile search functions which cut across various data types. These unique features make it an indispensable tool for anyone who values efficiency and data security.


Rewind AI is not just another productivity tool; it’s a comprehensive memory booster for your digital life. With its robust features and multiple areas of application, it’s designed to serve a wide range of professionals and personal users. Above all, Rewind AI provides the privacy and efficiency you need to manage your data effectively and securely.

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