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Reconcile simplifies tax preparation and filing through intelligent analysis and personalized strategies.

About Reconcile

Reconcile is an advanced AI-powered tax filing solution that leverages intelligent algorithms and human expertise to offer a comprehensive tax preparation experience. Designed for both individuals and small businesses, it takes the complexity out of tax preparation and ensures a seamless filing process.

Key Features

  • Secure Financial Connection: Reconcile allows secure connections to over 9,000 banks and financial institutions, providing a comprehensive overview of financial accounts.
  • AI-Powered Tax Estimation: With intelligent number-crunching, it offers precise tax estimates personalized for individual circumstances.
  • Personalized Tax Strategies: Tailored strategies to identify deductions, credits, and saving opportunities specific to users’ financial situations.
  • 24/7 AI-Tax Assistance: Real-time AI-driven support to demystify complex tax concepts and provide expert guidance at any time.
  • Human Review: A team of experienced tax professionals review and ensure the accuracy of tax-related decisions.

Areas of Use

  • Individual Tax Filing: Offering personalized insights and support for individual tax payers.
  • Small Business Tax Preparation: Streamlining the tax preparation process for small business owners.
  • Self-Employed Professionals: Customized tax solutions for freelancers and self-employed individuals.
  • Real-Time Tax Consultation: 24/7 AI-assistance for immediate answers to tax-related queries.
  • Maximized Tax Savings: Comprehensive strategies to maximize deductions and credits, tailored to unique financial situations.

What makes it special

Reconcile sets itself apart by combining artificial intelligence with human expertise to create a tax filing solution that’s both powerful and personalized. Its wide array of features and 24/7 support ensure that every user can navigate the tax landscape with confidence and ease.


Reconcile is not just a tax filing platform; it’s a comprehensive partner in the often complex world of taxes. By employing advanced AI technologies and offering personalized, human-reviewed solutions, it provides a stress-free and accurate tax preparation experience. Whether you’re an individual taxpayer, a small business owner, or self-employed, Reconcile offers the right tools and support to ensure a smooth and optimal tax filing process.

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