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Optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile for a higher chance of landing job interviews.

About Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an AI-driven platform dedicated to providing personalized guidance to job seekers, career coaches, and educational institutions. Leveraging artificial intelligence, it evaluates resumes and LinkedIn profiles against criteria set by industry experts, offering actionable insights for improvement.

Key Features

  • Resume Grader: Checks your resume against key criteria and offers targeted advice to boost its impact.
  • LinkedIn Optimization: Scans and upgrades your LinkedIn profile to maximize visibility among potential employers.
  • Resume Targeting: Customizes resumes to align with specific job descriptions, increasing the chances of landing an interview.
  • Sample Bullet Points: Offers examples from high-performing resumes across diverse industries and roles.
  • Trusted Source: Enjoy the credibility of a platform endorsed by over 1 million users and featured in leading publications.

Areas of Use

  • Job Search: Designed for job seekers wanting to make their resumes and LinkedIn profiles more attractive to employers.
  • Career Coaching: A vital tool for coaches assisting clients in optimizing their job application materials.
  • Educational Institutions: Useful for schools and colleges aiming to improve student job placement rates.
  • HR Departments: Provides valuable data and feedback for internal evaluations and training.
  • Self-Evaluation: Perfect for anyone looking to periodically update and review their job application assets.

What Makes It Special

Resume Worded stands out for its comprehensive approach, evaluating not just resumes but also LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, it is uniquely tailored by experts in human resources, setting it apart from generic job search platforms.


Resume Worded offers a robust suite of features aimed at significantly improving your job search. By providing specialized, AI-driven insights based on expert criteria, it serves as a comprehensive guide for job seekers, career coaches, and educational institutions alike. With Resume Worded, you’re not just sending out applications; you’re advancing your career.

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