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A revolutionary AI-powered tool that generates music ideas to inspire musicians and help overcome creative blocks.

About SongStarter

SongStarter by BandLab is your go-to AI assistant for generating fresh, unique, and inspiring music ideas. It serves as a cornerstone for musicians who want to explore new avenues in their musical journey.

Key Features:

  • Genre Selector: Choose your genre and let the tool do its magic, providing you with unique compositions tailored to your selection.
  • Lyric Input: Use your own lyrics as a starting point for the AI to create music around.
  • Vibe Switcher: Choose from dawn, dusk, or night vibes to customize instruments and effects to your liking.
  • Royalty-Free Output: The generated music ideas are royalty-free, offering you complete freedom to use them as you see fit.
  • BandLab Studio Integration: You can directly open the generated MIDI in BandLab’s Studio for further experimentation and fine-tuning.

Areas of Use:

  • Individual Musicians: Ideal for solo musicians looking to explore new styles or overcome writer’s block.
  • Music Producers: An invaluable tool for music producers in need of fresh musical elements.
  • Educational Institutions: Can be used in music classes to help students understand music composition.
  • Content Creators: Those in need of background music for their content can find unique pieces quickly.
  • Entertainment Industry: Filmmakers and game developers can use it to generate ideas for scores and soundtracks.

What Makes It Special:

SongStarter not only generates music but offers an intuitive user experience that encourages creative exploration. Its integration with BandLab’s Studio allows for seamless transitions from idea generation to full-blown production.


SongStarter serves as both an inspiration generator and a robust platform for musical creativity. Its range of features and ease-of-use make it accessible to musicians at all levels. The tool is not just a starting point but a continual companion in your musical journey, replete with a supportive community and extensive additional features from the larger BandLab platform.

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