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AI-powered tool for generating original, customizable, and royalty-free music for various applications.

About Soundraw

Developed by Future Tools, Soundraw is an innovative AI-driven platform designed to transform the way content creators approach music generation. It offers an impressive library across various genres, coupled with high customization features to give you unparalleled control over your musical creations.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Music Generation: Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Soundraw analyzes an extensive music database to create original, royalty-free tracks.
  • High Customization: Choose your music’s length, genre, and energy level, and further customize its pacing and energy at different intervals.
  • Royalty-Free Library: The platform provides a wide array of original and royalty-free music, relieving concerns about copyright infringement.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With its intuitive design, Soundraw is accessible to both amateurs and professionals alike.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin: Offers seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro for easy editing and adjustments in sync with video content.

Areas of Use:

  • Social Media Content: Ideal for YouTubers and social media influencers who need original background music.
  • TV/Radio Commercials: Create captivating music that can be used in advertising without worrying about royalties.
  • Game Development: Game developers can use Soundraw for generating soundtracks that enhance gaming experiences.
  • Podcasting: Perfect for podcasters looking for intro, outro, or background music.
  • Corporate Videos: Companies can use Soundraw to create music for product videos, presentations, and more.

What Makes It Special:

What sets Soundraw apart is its advanced customization capabilities that offer users granular control over the music’s length, genre, and energy levels. Coupled with a royalty-free guarantee, it offers a unique, worry-free solution for a wide array of content creation needs.

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