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A.V. Mapping uses AI to accelerate the music selection and licensing process for filmmakers.

About A.V. Mapping

Introducing A.V. Mapping, an AI-powered video and music mapping and licensing platform that significantly enhances the music selection and filmmaking process. Whether it’s matching the perfect music for a video or providing AI-driven analysis tools, A.V. Mapping is the go-to solution for creators and professionals.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Music Selection: Utilizes a patented AI algorithm that analyzes aspects of video and music content to recommend suitable music.
  • One-Stop Solution: Streamlines the entire process of music searching, mapping, and licensing, saving valuable time.
  • Custom Film Music Creation: Allows for the creation of unique soundscapes and film music tailored to specific projects.
  • Sound Editing Tools: Offers AI-driven audio editing features like noise reduction and sound design.
  • API Support: Provides support and offline services for extended functionality.

Areas of Use

  • Filmmaking: Enhances the traditional filmmaking process by significantly accelerating music selection and licensing.
  • Video Editing: Supplies tools for AI-driven analysis and recommendations to augment video editing.
  • Music Licensing: Simplifies the licensing process for videomakers, eliminating hidden costs.
  • Custom Sound Design: Provides tools for creating personalized music and sound effects for projects.
  • Competitions and Showcases: A platform for Web 3.0 metaverse showcase, concerts, and competitions.

What Makes It Special

A.V. Mapping stands out by revolutionizing the way filmmakers select, license, and integrate music into their projects. Its convenience and efficiency have earned it the 2020 Red Dot award and praise from industry professionals.


A.V. Mapping is more than just a music recommendation tool; it’s an innovative platform that transforms the filmmaking process. From AI-driven music selection to custom sound design and efficient licensing, it’s designed to save time and foster creativity. For filmmakers and creators seeking to elevate their projects with the perfect soundtrack, A.V. Mapping offers a seamless, powerful, and award-winning solution.

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