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Ecrett Music is an AI-driven platform that allows content creators to effortlessly compose and customize royalty-free music.

About Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is a revolutionary AI-driven music composing software designed to streamline the music creation process for content creators of all backgrounds. With an extensive library and intuitive design, users can create customized, royalty-free music for a variety of projects.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Music Composer: Utilizes AI technology to quickly generate unique music patterns, allowing for efficient creation of original tracks.
  • Intuitive Interface: Designed with ease-of-use in mind, no prior music knowledge required.
  • Vast Music Library: Access to over 500,000 music patterns monthly to find the ideal track for any project.
  • Customization Options: Tailor the music by adjusting instruments and structure to suit specific needs.
  • Multiple Pricing Plans: Offering a free plan and various paid options to cater to individual needs and commercial projects.

Areas of Use

  • Video Content: Enhance video projects with high-quality background music.
  • Films and Short Films: Compose soundtracks for cinematic experiences.
  • YouTube Creators: Find and create music for monetized YouTube channels.
  • Gaming Content: Create immersive music for engaging player experiences.
  • Ads and Commercials: Elevate advertising content with on-brand music.

What Makes It Special

Ecrett Music sets itself apart by leveraging AI to simplify the complex process of music composition. It empowers content creators to become composers without needing extensive musical knowledge, making it a standout tool in the creative industry.


Ecrett Music is transforming the way content creators approach music creation. With AI-driven technology, an intuitive interface, and extensive customization options, it’s an essential tool for anyone in need of original and captivating music. Whether you are an individual creator or a business, Ecrett Music offers the right solution to match your projects while ensuring responsible and proper usage of the music created.

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