Infinite Drum Machine
Infinite Drum Machine

Infinite Drum Machine

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Create unique beats using everyday sounds with an AI-powered music creation tool.

About Infinite Drum Machine

The Infinite Drum Machine, part of the A.I. Experiments project, empowers musicians, enthusiasts, and explorers with the ability to create unique beats and rhythms using everyday sounds, augmented by contributions from the renowned Philharmonia Orchestra, London.

Key Features

  • Diverse Sound Library: Access to a library of 6330 sounds enables creativity in beat creation.
  • Overlay Tag System: Effortlessly identify sounds using the organized tag system.
  • AI-powered Beat Creation: Leverage AI technology to formulate innovative beats and rhythms.
  • Open-source Project: Engage with the community and contribute to the open-source code on GitHub.
  • Integration with Philharmonia Orchestra: Blend your sounds with samples from the prestigious Philharmonia Orchestra, London.

Areas of Use

  • Music Production: Craft professional beats for commercial projects.
  • Personal Projects: Experiment with sound creation for personal enrichment and creativity.
  • Collaborative Creations: Share and collaborate with others to produce unique music.
  • Educational Experiments: Utilize as an educational tool to explore music and technology.
  • Community Contributions: Participate in the open-source community for continuous development and learning.

What Makes it Special

The Infinite Drum Machine transcends traditional music creation with its unique blend of AI technology, diverse sound library, and open-source ethos. Its integration with the Philharmonia Orchestra sets it apart from competitors.


The Infinite Drum Machine provides an unparalleled experience in the realm of music creation, allowing individuals to explore, create, and collaborate in ways previously unimagined. With an expansive sound library, open-source access, and an innovative approach, it sets a new standard in creativity and experimentation. Embrace the endless possibilities of music-making and elevate your artistic expression with the Infinite Drum Machine.

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